Synchronizing your Viewport with Your Render Output

1. Snap shot of my Sketch-Up scene. We normally encounter the problem of pre-viewing the limits of our scene to our render output.

2. Let us examine first our vray render out dialog box by hitting Vray Option then Output. Unchecking Overide Viewport will give us the maximum size of our desktop.


3. Here is the output


4. When we tick Overide Viewport tickbox, it will enable us to tweak our image size, but still we dont know the extent of our models if it is fitted to the image out put we provided. Its okay if its in horizontal orientation.But when it comes to vertical orientation its a bit difficult. The result - trial and error previews.

5. Let us use now the Vray Toys plugins created by Thomas Thomassen. It is downloadable on this link: .....of course you need to register

Extract the files to your Sketch-up plugins directory. Acess it on View - Toolbar - Vray Tools


6. Let us activate both, the Vray Option and the Vray Tools.

7. On Vray Option - Output menu, let us tick Overide Viewport tickbox and input our prefered values (image size), in my case 1000 x 550. This will give the image aspect ratio. Copy it.

8. And paste it on the Aspect Ratio box of the vray Tools under Sketch-up Camera. Then hit the Set Aspect Ratio button. It will create a safe zone on our viewport showing the image size limit.

9. When render, it will show exactly what you have seen on your viewport

10. How about if we want a vertical orientation. The same procedure, input your vertical image size, copy the image aspect ratio generated.

11. And paste it again on vray tools aspect ratio box. Then hit Set aspect ratio will update our viewport safe zone. We can now tweak the elements.

12. Since you now have the ide of the image aspect ratio, We can now provide our final image size. Of course you can do it before-hand.

13. And here is the final rendered image. Good luck. Hope it helps....

Many thanks to Thomas Thomassen of for this useful plugins.


Rendered Image in Horizontal Orientation

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