Image Composition in Photoshop Series 6

So here is another composition tutorial in Photoshop. The model was from Bharath Musunuri. I just render it and use for composition.Pdf file can be downloaded here: Image Composition in Photoshop Series 6
So enjoy.

1. Setting up the viewport for rendering in Sketch Up. I always use vray tools plugins in Sketch Up to Simulate window frame for the extent of the images

2. Then add render elements or render channel via options. I normally use render id and or material id. Of course it depends on what we need to achieve. I will tackle this in-details on a separate tutorial.

3. Then bring the 2 images in Photoshop - the RGB Pass and the RenderId pass. I forget to set material id color of the model so it turns black, so we will not be using it for the meantime.

4. Overlay the RenderID Pass over RGB Pass. RenderID Pass is useful when you need to tweak the color of a certain material and or you need to mask the material. In this case the road.

5. Then adjust brightness and contrast of the images if necessary

6. Add some background, position it under the building layer

7. Add some road. Use transform tool and skew it to align to the rendered road angle. Duplicate and mirror it for the other side.

8. This is now the images after the road adjustment.

9. Add some png trees on the background as filler.

10. Add also some filler, here i add just a normal shape. This is to cover the empty horizon lines

11. Image after the png trees background

12. Add some grass ( cutted from some images). Enhance it with smudge tools and shape tools and or grass brushes if you have.

13. Add some pavers. Skew it to align on the sidewalk.

14. Add some foreground trees. Add shadow

15. Method how to add shadow for the trees. Same procedure is applicable also for the people entourage

16. Then adjust its opacity and blending mode

17. Add some more trees on the front and some people entourage

18. Finish

Hope it help! Enjoy

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