Modelling a Spiral Stair in Sketch Up

Step 1. Create a stair model. If you dont have 1001 Bit tools, you can model it by
 native modelling procedure.

Step 2-3. Create line parallel to red axis, The stair should be also parallel to the red axis and must be converted into component. Create also an arc prior to your spiral stair dimension

Step 4. Activate your Shape Bender Tools. Shape bender Tools is available for download at SKETCHUCATION.  Just register.

Step 5. Select your stair component

Step 6. Select the line

Step 7. Select the arc

Step 8. The stair component will follow the arc. It will take first the inner side. Press up arrow on your keyboard to take the other side of the arc

Step 9. The hit enter

Step 10. Tweak and clean if necessary...Done.

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