Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stained Glass Tutorial in Sketch-Up/Vray

Simple tutorial on how to create stained glass material in Sketch-Up / Vray

1. Here is the initial preview of the scene. Im using Sketch Up 2014 with Vray 2.0

2. Using Vray Default Exterior Settings, I deactivate Environment box to simulate a night scene

3. Then I add an omni lights inside the room for shadow projection of the stained glass.

4. I add some photographic lights on the wall lamp to lit outside

5. And here is material for the Stained Glass

6. Rendered image

7. And now for a day scene, i activate G.I. at Environment slot to simulate physical sun

8. Rendered image


Thank you and enjoy. Hope this helps.


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  4. what diffuese material did you used? is it the same as the image for the material itself?